Monday, January 18, 2010

A Step Back

My Dear Jane Quilt

I started this quilt many years ago. 2002 to be exact. I had been thinking about it lately, and decide to find it and pull it out. A LOT has happened since I worked on it last. As I was keeping track of my quilt journey I know that the last time I worked on it was April 2003. That was about when I my life took a big jog to the left with a tornado like storm and my husband loosing his job all in one week. After that I guess I just never got back to it. It has been 7 years!! We have moved and thank God we have a new job. So.. I thought I might get this out and finish it. Back in the day I was very excited about this quilt. I met the author of Dear Jane, Linda Papadakis and many of her followers in Paducah, Kentucky at the AQS quilt show. It was lots of fun. I had 28 blocks made, I have decided to make just 8 more and finish this as a wall hanging. No I am not excited enough to make the 200 some blocks to finish the whole quilt. I have made a few more blocks this weekend with 3 more to go. Here are a few of the ones I just made.


I have put my blocks up on my design wall (make shift as it is). I am trying to remember just which blocks I have done. I also am working to even out the number of each color.

Thanks to the wonders of Blog land there are some great blogs to help me with my blocks. That Quilt is great. I am hoping to find a great way to finish off this wall hanging. If you have any ideas please pass them on.

Oh and yes I am still working on several other things, that are much more in my modern quilt mode. Just want to get this one done too.