Friday, January 1, 2010

Son's Quilt

My oldest son needed a quilt too. :) He is my oldest and works at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. I wanted to make him a spaced themed quilt but not for a young boy. So I found some wonderful fabric and searched e-bay to find enough of it, as it was out of print. Then found the coolest fabric that looked like the surface of the moon!

I really love this quilt and it is just as beautiful on the front as it is on the back. It has been cold and rainy here so pictures are not the best sorry. Now that the sun is out today I hope to get some better pictures when I have enough helpers for the holding and picture taking.

Christmas morning came,  finally the opening of the quilt. I really kept this a secret from him so he had no idea I was making it. I had to work on it only when he was at work and when I ran out of fabric and had to order more. Yikes I was not sure I was going to get it finished in time and keep it a secret.

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