Monday, January 11, 2010

mini quilts

I just love Heather Ross fabrics and since I could only afford a very small amount, I decided to make a group of 4 mini quilts that I could then hang together as a group. So this is what I ended up with. They do not have binding yet. Also my favorite one is not in these pics. I will be finishing it today. Then I have to decide on binding for them all.

The first one is bicycles and dolls.

The secound one is Dolls and Frogs.

 Number three is  Horses and Tadpoles.

I am happy with the result. I am sure the adding of binding will really add a lot to these quilts but I wanted to share them with you right away.

1 comment:

  1. I just LOVE this idea to showcase your favorite fabrics! Will you hang them in a group of 4 or spread them throughout the house?

    I agree.... your favorite is mine too :)

    Great job!