Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1930's Quilt

On my family quilt retreat I started a 1930's pinwheel quilt. My Aunt has a large collection of 30's fabrics so I was able to make a quilt that has more than 80 different fabrics! Along with all the other fun goings on on the retreat I worked on getting my blocks cut out. The fabrics are just so colorful and fun!

This quilt as simple as the design is, is very time consuming. Picking the fabrics, cutting all the squares, then pairing them up with a white squares.

Then all the half square triangle blocks are made pressed and then trimmed. I figure I have over 20 hours into this one and I still have not sewn a pin wheel! I must say that all the steps let you touch and play with each square, I so enjoy seeing each different fabric. Not sure I would enjoy as much  if they all looked the same. ^_^
Today I hope to get some of the pin wheels sewn.

Oh and for those of you wondering I am getting the binding sewn on my nine patch. Hand sewing around a 92 x 109 inch quilt is taking a little bit of time. I hope to get it done this week in my evening TV watching.

Road Trip Part 2

After the Aquarium, it was off to our little family Quilt Retreat. My mother and her sister Sherri drove up from Florida and I drove with my 2 daughters from Alabama. We met up at my Aunt Sally's in Charlotte North Carolina. We had such a fun time. Our days were filled with sewing, and sharing of ideas. We all made cute little projects that each of us taught to the others.

We started with a shopping trip to Mary Jo's. Wow what a store it is like a fabric Wal-Mart!!!

We had a fun lunch at a little Mexican place then off to the thread store!
Then we had to get to work. Sally taught Sonia, machine applique along with all of us in-the hoop projects.

My mom taught Savannah how to make a snap bag.

Then Savannah was off to help Paige make a pair of Pajama Pants.

With the help of my Aunt's wonderful collection of 1930's fabrics, I am starting a large pinwheel quilt. each pinwheel will be a different fabric. I spent the trip getting that all together. Details on this quilt later. ^_^

Aunt Sherri worked on several projects.

When it was all over, it went by so fast and we did not get near the pictures we should have. We had so much fun. My Aunt was a wonderful host with not only a great place to work and play, but she fed us some really fabulous meals!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Road Trip part 1

My daughters and I took a little road trip for our summer vacation. First we went to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. My oldest son and his Fiancee joined us on this leg of the trip. We loved it. So pretty and calming.

There was so much to see. My personal favorites were the Jelly Fish and the Sea Horses. There was also this awesome Sea Turtle. But there were also butterflies.
along with the fish that could be very large.

It was so much fun. I remember taking the kids there as young children. They were so amazed, well we had just as much fun as grown kids. Was just a wonderful time.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

9 Patch

Here are some pictures of my 9 patch quilt. It is huge, big enough to fit my queen size bed. 110, 9 patches made from batiks I have collected for many years. Some are leftovers from my students projects. I was happy with it, but when I started quilting it it really came together. The variegated thread was really the final touch! I still have some quilting to do before binding but was anxious to share with you.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bag Set

I made this tote to go with my other items for all the electronics I now have. For example my new netbook, with all it's little accessories. My camera and all it cables, and the charger for my phone. I want to be able to  have all these things together for my trip. Where you ask. Well, the women in my family are having a quilt retreat. How fun is that? My mother and her 2 sisters and myself and my 2 daughters are all getting together for some sewing and fabric shopping! That will all be happening later this month. I am very excited about that. More on that later. Her is my tote and other little bags.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Big Day on the 4th!

The 4th was a big day for our family, first of all our oldest son proposed to his girlfriend, and the 5th of July is her birthday so we were celebrating this day also.The blue quilt was for her. I knew we would be welcoming her to our family and it would be a big day. It was truly very special day. My son planed a very romantic day and proposed in a beautiful little chapel up on a mountain. They often go walking on the trail in the park of this mountain and so it already a special place for them.

It is hard to compete with with a marriage proposal and a gorgeous diamond ring. But she did love her quilt.

We are so thrilled to have Heather join our family. More on this quilt here