Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Road Trip Part 2

After the Aquarium, it was off to our little family Quilt Retreat. My mother and her sister Sherri drove up from Florida and I drove with my 2 daughters from Alabama. We met up at my Aunt Sally's in Charlotte North Carolina. We had such a fun time. Our days were filled with sewing, and sharing of ideas. We all made cute little projects that each of us taught to the others.

We started with a shopping trip to Mary Jo's. Wow what a store it is like a fabric Wal-Mart!!!

We had a fun lunch at a little Mexican place then off to the thread store!
Then we had to get to work. Sally taught Sonia, machine applique along with all of us in-the hoop projects.

My mom taught Savannah how to make a snap bag.

Then Savannah was off to help Paige make a pair of Pajama Pants.

With the help of my Aunt's wonderful collection of 1930's fabrics, I am starting a large pinwheel quilt. each pinwheel will be a different fabric. I spent the trip getting that all together. Details on this quilt later. ^_^

Aunt Sherri worked on several projects.

When it was all over, it went by so fast and we did not get near the pictures we should have. We had so much fun. My Aunt was a wonderful host with not only a great place to work and play, but she fed us some really fabulous meals!

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