Friday, January 28, 2011


We are thrilled that our oldest daughter has been cast as Cinderella in our local community theaters production of Cinderella in April!

I cannot tell you how excited we are. She has waited a long time for a lead role. She has had many fun ensemble parts but this is her first lead! The rest of the family is evolved as always, my husband will be the King and my youngest daughter will be helping me with the costumes.

Right now I am working on my oldest son's wedding and then it will be on to work on Cinderella, so not sure how much blogging will happen but I will share pictures of both events. ^_^

Friday, January 14, 2011

When Snowed in Sew!

Well this snow storm has really shutdown our southern city we just do not have the resources to deal with the snow and ice. So with no school and many businesses closed, we were rather home bound.  So when stuck at home why not sew! ^_^

I have been a rather creative slump. Yes, I made all those cute zipper bags but that was a follow this pattern type thing. I have had a block when coming up with something of my own.I have been wanting something new and modern for a purse. I love quilted bags but I wanted something different. ( I have made so many of those quilted bags) Finally I am happy with this one! Being snowed in I could not go shopping for this one. I had to use what was in my stash. So I dug out the leftovers from the Mod Quilt Sampler I made some time ago. Anyway this is the result. One purse, a wallet and a Snap Happy Bag.
 This shows the set- wallet closed.

 Here you can see the open wallet and the Snap Happy Bag, You can find the pattern HERE
I opened the wallet here to the outside so you could see the full pattern. This is a wallet pattern that I have come up with myself by combining several other quilted wallets with the options and techniques that I like. I do not sell the pattern, sorry.

Since most of the county has gotten snow of some sort what did you do during your snow storm?

Monday, January 10, 2011

More Snow in Alabama!!!!

Believe it on not we had more snow in Alabama, and lots of it! We had 9-10 inches at our house, north of Huntsville. Yes the city is shut down, we do not have the equipment to handle this kind of snow event. Also we have a lot of elevated road ways that freeze very quickly. I think our annual snow fall is 1.5 inches. So we were thrilled with this snow. For many children in Alabama and some adults this is the first snow they have seen. There have been lots of fun reports of people using all kinds of inventive things for sleds. Canoes, lots of pool items, boxes, cookie sheets, plastic bins etc. We just played.