Monday, January 10, 2011

More Snow in Alabama!!!!

Believe it on not we had more snow in Alabama, and lots of it! We had 9-10 inches at our house, north of Huntsville. Yes the city is shut down, we do not have the equipment to handle this kind of snow event. Also we have a lot of elevated road ways that freeze very quickly. I think our annual snow fall is 1.5 inches. So we were thrilled with this snow. For many children in Alabama and some adults this is the first snow they have seen. There have been lots of fun reports of people using all kinds of inventive things for sleds. Canoes, lots of pool items, boxes, cookie sheets, plastic bins etc. We just played.


  1. We're in the NE part of the county up on a hill and I am shocked how much snow we got. Glad the power stayed on and yours must have, too!

  2. You have more snow that we have here in Iowa!! Looks like you are all having a grand time! =D