Monday, January 25, 2010

paint box quilt along blocks

I am doing a Quilt Along called Paint Box over at Oh Fransson!  Elizabeth has a wonderful blog and this is not her first quilt along. She walks you through each step, and there is a flickr group to post your pictures and chat with others participating in the quilt along. There are over 200 people in the group so far. These quilt alongs are so much fun and the results are always fabulous. The goal is to make 8 blocks per week for 10 weeks.  I am using a jelly roll of brown batiks with a sea blue solid. 

Her is my first set of blocks:


Here are the next set of blocks for my paint box quilt. I am thrilled with the colors!

New Wall hanging.

I saw a video on a new technique (at least new to me) called tube quilting. I wanted to give it a try. I also have painted a wall in my bedroom brown and wanted something new to hang on it. So I just used some things I had and gave it a try. Here is what I got.


There is not great contrast in my fabrics, but I am happy with the results. I would defiantly try this again. The trick is the cutting. But if you follow her directions, they do come out perfectly. I think I might add some neat buttons in the centers of the light diamonds. Give it a try and let me know what you think of this fun technique.

Another block

Well I have just one block left to go to finish my Dear Jane. But today I made this beauty. I think it is definitely  one of my favorites.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Step Back

My Dear Jane Quilt

I started this quilt many years ago. 2002 to be exact. I had been thinking about it lately, and decide to find it and pull it out. A LOT has happened since I worked on it last. As I was keeping track of my quilt journey I know that the last time I worked on it was April 2003. That was about when I my life took a big jog to the left with a tornado like storm and my husband loosing his job all in one week. After that I guess I just never got back to it. It has been 7 years!! We have moved and thank God we have a new job. So.. I thought I might get this out and finish it. Back in the day I was very excited about this quilt. I met the author of Dear Jane, Linda Papadakis and many of her followers in Paducah, Kentucky at the AQS quilt show. It was lots of fun. I had 28 blocks made, I have decided to make just 8 more and finish this as a wall hanging. No I am not excited enough to make the 200 some blocks to finish the whole quilt. I have made a few more blocks this weekend with 3 more to go. Here are a few of the ones I just made.


I have put my blocks up on my design wall (make shift as it is). I am trying to remember just which blocks I have done. I also am working to even out the number of each color.

Thanks to the wonders of Blog land there are some great blogs to help me with my blocks. That Quilt is great. I am hoping to find a great way to finish off this wall hanging. If you have any ideas please pass them on.

Oh and yes I am still working on several other things, that are much more in my modern quilt mode. Just want to get this one done too.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

4 Heather Ross mini quilts

Here they are all 4 Heather Ross quilts. I love them all. Now I just need to find the perfect place to hang them.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mini Quilts keep coming

Here is my favorite of my series of Heather Ross quilts.

I do truly love this one!
I hope these other look as cute when I get the binding on them.

mini quilts

I just love Heather Ross fabrics and since I could only afford a very small amount, I decided to make a group of 4 mini quilts that I could then hang together as a group. So this is what I ended up with. They do not have binding yet. Also my favorite one is not in these pics. I will be finishing it today. Then I have to decide on binding for them all.

The first one is bicycles and dolls.

The secound one is Dolls and Frogs.

 Number three is  Horses and Tadpoles.

I am happy with the result. I am sure the adding of binding will really add a lot to these quilts but I wanted to share them with you right away.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Seeing Stars Finished

Oh I just love this little quilt! I made it because I saw this quilt.I had been wanting to make some of those cute wonky stars but just did not know just what I wanted. When I saw mamacjt's quilt I knew that was it.

I made 6 inch squares so my little beauty measures 18 x 18 inches. I used only fabrics I had left over from other projects, including the batting.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

See Stars

I have been wanting to try these wonderful little wonky stars. I used this tutorial. They are so fun and so very cute. So I am spending the day looking out my window at the snow flurries that we are having here in North Alabama and making little stars. Tonight the Big Game. Roll Tide!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Son's Quilt

My oldest son needed a quilt too. :) He is my oldest and works at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. I wanted to make him a spaced themed quilt but not for a young boy. So I found some wonderful fabric and searched e-bay to find enough of it, as it was out of print. Then found the coolest fabric that looked like the surface of the moon!

I really love this quilt and it is just as beautiful on the front as it is on the back. It has been cold and rainy here so pictures are not the best sorry. Now that the sun is out today I hope to get some better pictures when I have enough helpers for the holding and picture taking.

Christmas morning came,  finally the opening of the quilt. I really kept this a secret from him so he had no idea I was making it. I had to work on it only when he was at work and when I ran out of fabric and had to order more. Yikes I was not sure I was going to get it finished in time and keep it a secret.

Daughter's Quilt

My dear daughter Sonia wanted a special quilt that she picked out the fabrics for. So when she saw my Heather Ross Mermaid fabric she feel in love and just had to have them. She picked the pattern for her quilt and how she wanted it quilted. It was to be for her 19th Birthday in November, but instead was finished for Christmas. As this quilt is covered in mermaids, it was only fitting that when I had to make a quick trip to Florida with my husband I took the mermaids for a photo shoot at the beach.

Quilt for Mom

I made a couple of quilts for Christmas presents that I was unable to show until now. I made this quilt for my Mother. It is a disappearing nine patch. But what I like most about this is the quilting. I did swooping waves. I thought of it like a sand garden where they make patterns in the sand. The boarder is made form a Asian print, I have done several disappearing nine patch quilts and I love how the each look different.