Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Fall Purse

This summer when I went to Mary Jo's I got this beautiful batik for a new bag. I make the same basic style bag everytime. Yes I know it is boring. But I cannot seem to find another style that I really like when I am using it. Other bags are so cute, but then I use them and hate them. UGH!

I decided to use my embroidery machine and stitch out this design that I have had for a long time. I just love it and this seemed the time to finally use it. I used to use my embroidery machine all the time but have not used it in what seems like forever. I have done some little things, initials etc. But nothing like these long embroideries that take 3 hours. I am hoping that this weekend while my husband and daughter are going through the pain staking process of auditions for A Christmas Carol, I will keep myself busy with the making of this bag.

The print will be the outside and handles with the P as front pocket, solid will be the lining.

What do you think?

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